3 Reasons “Learn to Dance” Should be on Your Bucket List

primary bachata latin dancing for beginners smooth romantic dancing to a great beat 1489621784Everyone has heard of a Bucket List: creating a list of, often out-of-the-box, things you want to dosomeday.

The problem is most of us may think about writing one, but we never seem to put pen to paper. Why? Perhaps we feel we’ll never have the chance to check anything off.

No worries! If “having fun” is on your list of to-do activities, we’ve got you covered. Put “learn to ballroom dance,” at the top of your Bucket List and get to it right away! There is no time like the present when you know how much joy an activity will bring you.

3 Reasons to Learn to Dance at Arthur Murray Charleston

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Meet New Friends!
  3. De-Stress and Feel Happier than You’ve Ever Felt in Your Life!

Arthur Murray Charleston invites you to learn more about the amazing benefits of social dancing at its Open House set for Friday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. Join us for light refreshments, a professional dancing demo and so much more!


What are you waiting for? Start your Bucket List with “Learn to Dance” and then let Arthur Murray teach you how! Our experienced, patient instructors will help you achieve at least one goal on your ever-expanding Bucket List: Have more Fun!

The truth is, creating a Bucket List can be motivating. Making plans and setting achievable goals is exciting! You will always have something to look forward to. Look, you are the only “you” you’ve got; it’s time to get motivated and have fun. (Plus, who doesn’t love to cross something off a list!)

No reservations are required for the Arthur Murray Charleston Open House! Just put on some comfortable clothing and shoes and show up on July 28 and our experienced instructors will do the rest.

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