3 Steps for an Awesome Father Daughter Dance at Your Wedding

5j66kv4lYour wedding day is almost here, and you are doing the best you can to make it the day of your dreams. The dress is tailored, the bridesmaids have all come together, and the reception is set to go off without a hitch. What about the father daughter dance?

One of the most highly anticipated dances of the entire night is the dance between the bride and her father. The average number of wedding guests is 165, and you will want to impress every single one of your guests with a dance that is sure to be remembered! Here are some great tips on how to make your father daughter dance one for the books.

1. Step one: Learn to Dance!

This may seem obvious, but if you want to stand out, consider taking some ballroom dance lessons. There are plenty of different types of ballroom dances you can choose from including: the swing, waltz or foxtrot. Taking lessons and learning some choreographed steps, is a great way to spend some fun, quality time with dad leading up to your big day.  These dances will highlight your beautiful dress and your dad's dapper tuxedo.

The father daughter dance is the perfect opportunity to show everyone how special your dad is to you.

2. Choose a Song

No one knows you like your father does, so you will want to choose a song that really defines your relationship. The options truly are endless. You can go down the sappy and emotional route, dance to a classic piece with no words, or choose a chart topper that just makes both of you smile. If you have a song in mind, make sure to bring it with you to your first dance lesson, so your instructor will be able to choreograph accordingly. If you haven’t decided on a song, we can help you with some suggestions.

3. Consider a Mashup

Want to go really out of the box? Consider a mashup for your dance -- we're talking multiple songs, interactive dancing, and fun all around. This is the time to get creative and have fun with dad, so consider going all out! Some ideas include starting with a more traditional song then turning into a raucous version of YMCA, or having a handful of your favorite songs lead into a huge dance by your entire bridal party. Put together some of you and your dad’s favorites to make it an extra special memory!

Whether you have a plan or need some inspiration, Arthur Murray can help ensure your father daughter dance will be one of the highlights of your reception!  Come down to Arthur Murray today and let’s create some memories!

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