4 Reasons People DON’T Dance

Seems rather counterintuitive, huh? Here you are, reading the blog on a ballroom dance website and we are about to discuss the reasons people don’t dance. Well, the fact is, people avoid dancing – and never even consider taking dance lessons – for myriad reasons.

It comes down to fear. As human beings, we fear what we don’t know. We have expectations and are afraid to fall short. We make up excuses about time and money and our own opinions of our skills.

The truth is, however, in our humble opinions, none of these “fears” are good enough reasons to stay away from the dance floor. The reasons people DO DANCE are so amazing that they outshine the fears and “don’ts.”

There are so many reasons why people fail to say “yes” when asked to dance. However, let’s look at four particular issues we hear all the time at Arthur Murray. We understand that your fears are real. But, if you give us a few moments, we may be able to persuade you to give yourself a chance.

28 totally normal phobias you might suffer from 1424728816369We have to acknowledge our fears before we can conquer them, right? So…..

Get Going! The fear of actually getting started is one of the biggest problems for many people. This isn’t unusual. People are not often quick to jump into the deep end of the pool without really knowing they will be safe. And, if you’ve never danced, how can you know? Unfortunately for both men and women, men are the ones who are usually more reticent to make the jump. This leaves women wanting to dance with their partners and men trying to avoid dancing like the plague.

Fear of Competition! We aren’t talking about “Dancing with the Stars” competition here. Instead people often feel like they will be in competition with other dancers on the dance floor. Maybe there are others who are more experienced or feeling more confident. There’s nothing like the fear of looking silly to keep you sitting in your chair at weddings and other events. For many, this fear keeps people seated on their couches, too!

All Eyes on You! To piggyback on Fear No. 2, people hate the idea of being watched. Consider this: you are not the only one who is learning to dance. Even the most experience couples are always learning new things. That’s how we grow in life – not only on the dance floor. When you are in a group lesson, everyone there will also be learning new things for the first time. They are not paying attention to you! They are focused on themselves. (Which is exactly where your attention should be!)

Letting Your Partner Down. OK, so this is a fair one – we don’t want to feel “less than” in front of our partners. We fear the idea of not meeting their expectations. However, this is where communication comes in. Share your feelings. Make a deal to work together and to learn together. Don’t criticize. Be aware of your partner’s fears and let your own be known.

Like everything else in life worth doing, dancing is more than worth the try!

Want to know how to overcome these phobias? Just do it! Men find that they love the feeling of leading their partners on the dance floor. Women love the exercise and health benefits and reconnecting with their sweethearts. Dancing is such a social activity; why should you be left out in the cold?

The benefits of learning to ballroom dance are so many. It’s great for your heart, your brain, your confidence and your social life. And, that’s only for starters! We are so sure we can convince you to “take a chance and learn to dance,” as we say at Arthur Murray, that we want to invite you in for a free first lesson.

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