5 Wacky Ballroom Dance Facts that will get you Moving

Popular TV shows like So You Think you can Dance and Dancing with the Stars may make ballroom dance seem like the hot new thing. However, ballroom dancing has been popular all over the world for decades!

This versatile and beautiful dance form is a complex, and historically rich. So here are 5 fun and interesting ballroom dance facts to get you on your feet.depositphotos_43738933_s

  1. Legend states that the stretch away from partners was originally created to avoid body odor. Similarly, the Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango were supposedly developed with arm extensions to save the noses of your dance partners. Remember, a few hundred years ago people were not bathing regularly.
  2. When it was originally developed, Waltzing was considered vulgar because of how close dancers hold each other. In fact, the Waltz’s slow and graceful style initially came into style during the 19th century with the popularity of Johann Strauss’s music. The dance it was considered “damaging and destructive” for those modest times.
  3. The “Foxtrot” is named after fox’s natural gait. Foxes can naturally walk with their feet under their bodies in a single line, which influenced the creation of the dance style. However, in the 1950’s popular dance centers like Arthur Murray added creative twists to the Foxtrot to make it more exciting and fun.
  4. The one side connection in the closed hold was originally created with sword placement in mind.  Back in the olden days, male dancers often carried swords on their hips. During the closed hold, the female dancer would connect with her partners opposite hip to avoid accidental impalement.
  5. Rumba was originally considered more of a sexual competition rather than a dance form. In Cuba, men would dance the Rumba as a way to attract romantic partners. It is now one of the world’s most famous dance styles, and in the ballroom dance world it is still known as the dance of love.

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