An Arthur Murray Gift Certificate is the Perfect Idea for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 13. For some, this knowledge means stressing out over buying mom that perfect gift. Sure, she has probably said time and time again that she doesn’t need anything, but you still want to show her how much you love and appreciate everything she’s done for you over the years.

What do you get the mom who seems to have everything? How about an Arthur Murray gift certificate for dance lessons?

Give the Gift of Dance!

Dancing is a gift, there’s no doubt about it. Your mom may have always wanted to learn how to rumba or tango, but never had the chance. Now you can get her out on the dance floor. Partner or not, there’s no question she’ll have the time of her life!

Dancing is also a good way to help keep active. Moms who deal with arthritis or other joint issues may find that dancing helps loosen them up and may even relieve some of the pain.

Let Mom Expand Her Repertoire

If your mom already knows how to waltz and foxtrot, don’t worry—we teach many different dances at the Arthur Murray Dance Centers. Maybe she’s ready to explore her saucy side by learning the cha-cha or the rumba. Maybe she wants to pick up the quickstep or learn how the Viennese waltz differs from the classic waltz. There’s always a new dance to learn or moves to incorporate.

The Family Can Get Involved

While you’re getting a gift certificate for mom, why not book lessons for yourself, too? Make learning to dance a family activity that everyone can enjoy. That gives your mom two gifts in one—she gets to learn to dance and enjoy more time with her loved ones.

Want to learn more about our gift certificates and classes? Contact Arthur Murray Charleston today to find out more about our free first dance lessons and gift options.

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