Arthur Murray Charleston Invites Kids, Teens to Try Out Ballroom Dancing

kids dance chachaWhen you think about children’s activities, ballroom dancing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, it should! Children and teens need to be active! When you are searching for something new to engage your kids, consider an activity that works the mind and the body: Ballroom Dancing!

Considering that more than 80 percent of adolescents do not get enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth, ballroom dancing is the perfect way to get your children up and moving. Here are some benefits that will come by making your children into little ballroom dancers!



Above anything else, ballroom dancing is a social activity and it will introduce your kids to people they may never have come to know otherwise. Not only will they meet peers of around their own age, they will be working with dancers of all shapes, sizes, and ages so they will be able to socialize with everyone and anyone in the studio.

Physical Health

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of health benefits that come when your child learns ballroom dance. Not only will their heart get pumping, they will be able to work on their balance, flexibility, range of motion, stamina, and grace. The health benefits of dance are unrivaled, and they will be able to take what they've learned as a ballroom dancer and apply it to any other sport.

Confidence booster

For many, ballroom dance is a step out of their comfort zone. But partnering up with someone else and learning all the different kinds of dance can really go far to improve and enhance how your child sees the world. A shy dancer will soon become an outgoing, energetic individual, as they will be forced to come out of their shell in no time at all and their self-esteem will skyrocket.


Consider ballroom dance lessons at our Charleston studio so your child can reap these benefits in absolutely no time. We have dancing shoes waiting for you -- so come on down!

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