Arthur Murray Opens Its Doors In Charleston

grand opening arthur murray charlestonOwner JR Duncan has brought Arthur Murray to Charleston with its newest location on 1300 Savannah Highway.

The grand opening is only days away and as Duncan says, “Arthur Murray is so much more than what you expect.”

This is the NEW and improved Arthur Murray, not the one you imagine, which is probably a dimly lit room with an older crowd slowly waltzing to unfamiliar ballroom music.

That image is the old Arthur Murray. We introduce you to Arthur Murray 2016!

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Our new location is bright and spacious. No dim lighting here! The state-of-the art sound system will be playing the music you love while our instructors teach the dance styles you have always wanted to learn. Of course we teach ballroom, but did you know we also teach many new popular styles of dance?? We customize our teaching styles to your needs and wants. And music choices are up to you, too.

Our signature ballroom styles like Waltz and Cha-Cha are always in the mix but with today’s latest music. We also teach the latest social dances, Shag, Two Step and Salsa.

First wedding dances are one of our most popular offerings! It’s the first time a couple has the opportunity to dance with one another to the perfect song on the perfect day. We can help you create a truly unforgettable dance.

Old music. New music. Whether you imagine a beautiful Waltz or an upbeat Bachata, it’s your day, your style and your dance. We are just here to help bring it all together.


And now a little more about our awesome new Arthur Murray Director/Owner!

JR Duncan discovered his love of dance at the young age of 12, after watching his mother compete in Country Western dance competitions. He decided to give it a try and by 13 found himself teaching Country Western dances to groups of 350 adults in the Catskills.

He began competing (usually against people twice his age) and became a Country Western champion, traveling all over the United States. After high school, he got into the world of West Coast Swing and competed in that style until one fateful day 23 years ago, when he entered the world of Arthur Murray.

Friends kept telling me I should be teaching dance for Arthur Murray. One day I decided to check them out and I was hooked!” Duncan said. “I love the way Arthur Murray brings generations together. I’ve seen grandparents, parents and children taking lessons together. I really believe dancing is the most powerful way to communicate with anybody. The one thing people always say to me is they can’t believe how much fun it is to take lessons with Arthur Murray! They come in expecting a lot of work and they are blown away by what a great time they have. The instructors make it so enjoyable, they meet new people and they fall in love with dancing!

JR and his team are excited to bring Arthur Murray Dance Centers back to Charleston and show everyone just how much fun it is to dance!

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