Be a Wallflower No More! Join Arthur Murray Charleston for a Jazzy Great Time at the Green Goat

Are you tired of having to sit on the sidelines at weddings and other social occasions while everyone else dances the night away? Just say “no!” to another boring evening and “yes” to learning one of the simplest dances in the world: the Foxtrot.

19225176_1890544107880060_7664032873244089156_nJoin Arthur Murray Charleston this Saturday, July 8, for Jazz & Blues Night at the Green Goat Restaurant. Come early and enjoy a sumptuous meal and stay for a FREE foxtrot lesson starting at 8 p.m. Then, settle in for an exciting, jazzy evening of fun. We’ll shut down the place together a midnight!

It’s not unusual to hear plenty of classic music at social shindigs because the crooning sounds of Frank Sinatra, Elvis and others are romantic and bring smiles all around. Did you know that this type of music is perfect for the Foxtrot? For those in the know, social event music generally accentuates the first and third beats, making it perfectly suitable for the universal dance. For newcomers, there’s only two things you need to know: the Foxtrot is one of the easiest dances to learn and it’s so much fun!

There are three steps to learn and you’ll be foxtrotting your way around the dance floor in no time! And, at Arthur Murray, our experienced instructors know exactly how to turn you into a dancer quickly and easily. Join Arthur Murray Charleston on Saturday at the Green Goat for Jazz & Blues Night.

Also, you are invited to take advantage of a free social dance lesson at the studio. Contact us to schedule your lesson.

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