Take a Trip Around The World through
the Magic of Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing is a dynamic, exciting activity, filled with a rich history. Have you ever wondered about the different types of ballroom dances and where they originated? Read on to find about some fun facts about your favorite dances!

The rumba dance is a mash up of multiple dances that originated in Cuba including the guaracha and the Cuban bolero. These dances can be traced back to Africa and have choreography in them typical of tribal dances. During World War I, this quick dance was slowed down to a modern, more refined series of steps. The Rumba became popular in the U.S. during the 1930s, as a result of an influx of American tourists to Latin America in the years before World War II.

The waltz is characterized as a graceful and refined slow two-person dance. It was first introduced in Western Europe during the 19th century, and was greatly popularized by the music of composer Johann Strauss. Known as the oldest of all ballroom dances, its name comes from the German word Walzer, which means "a rotating motion."

Swing is probably the most versatile member of the ballroom dancing world. Emerging with a bac700x420 3ng back in the 1920s with the growth of the jazz movement. Each generation since has added some spunk to swing dancing. Popular versions of this lively dance include the Lindy Hop, the Charleston, and the Balboa.

The exotic, fast-paced samba was born and bred in Brazil. Seen all throughout Brazil in everything from urban street fairs to formal weddings, it is hard not to tap your feet to its quick Latin beat. Dancing the samba is so ingrained in Brazilian culture that it has become an internationally recognized symbol of Brazilian identity.

It can be said that learning each type of ballroom dance will introduce you to cultures from around the world. Come on down to our studio to get started -- the nonprofit USA Dance, Inc. reports that there is a 35% spike in the number of people taking ballroom dancing lessons in the past 10 years. Be a part of our statistic, and learn how to shimmy today!

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