Here’s a FUN Way to Get in Shape in 2018: Ballroom Dancing

plymouth ballroom dancing classesOne of the biggest challenges of losing weight is staying interested in the regime. For many, it's the goal of physical fitness and swimsuit season that keeps them going. But for others, a workout regime needs to be entertaining, fun and engaging to keep them focused.

Ballroom dancing is a great way to stay entertained and lose weight at the same time. In fact, a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn up to 240 calories in a single hour dancing.

If you're looking for dance classes to help you lose weight, have fun, and meet new people, consider the following ballroom dances. At Arthur Murray Charleston, our experienced, patient dance instructors will have you out on the dance floor in no time!

The Swing

Swing is a style of dance developed between the 1920s and 1940s during the popular age of jazz music in the United States. The Jitterbug and Jive are two variations of Swing. Other variations include the Charleston, Balboa, and Lindy Hop.

Swing is a great dance style for weight loss because of its active movement, fast-paced music and various dance moves. What's more, the Swing is great for those who may feel awkward dancing without a romantic partner. The Waltz and Tango are fairly intimate, whereas the swing is all about having a good time.

The Samba

Samba is a style of dance of Afro-Brazilian origin and goes back as far as the 16th century. Samba can be danced in a variety of styles including Ballroom Samba, Samba Pagode, Samba Axé and Samba de Roda.

Samba is great for those who are just beginning to learn to dance. It can also be danced alone (Samba no pé) or with a partner. Like Swing, Samba has a positive and upbeat rhythm for easy movement and tons of cardio fun.

The Foxtrot

The Foxtrot was developed in the 1910s and premiered in 1914. Similar to the Waltz, but danced in a four-beat grouping instead of a three-beat, the Foxtrot most likely originated from dancers Betty Lee and Vernon Castle.

This dance is a good alternative for those who enjoy the continuous dance of the Swing and Samba but prefer smoother and longer movements. The Foxtrot is sure to get your heart rate up with its quick footwork and turns. Should you master this dance with a partner, you may consider competitive dancing for a challenge.

Ballroom dance programs are a great way to lose weight while learning classic ballroom dance styles you can use anywhere. For more information on ballroom dance lessons, contact Arthur Murray Charleston today. Your first lesson is absolutely free!

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