No Need to Get “Dirty,” but it is Time to Get Dancing!

This week, the world celebrates an iconic movie that introduced us to the sexy Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and naive Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey). Dirty Dancing turns 40 this week! Can’t believe it? Neither can we! However, indeed, the movie, originally a low-budget summer rom-com, was released on Aug. 21, 1987.

Of course, most people remember the film not only for the steamy scenes between Swayze and Grey, but for the incredible music. One of the hit’s songs, “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life,” took home a Grammy, a Golden Globe and the Academy Award!

At Arthur Murray, we love Dirty Dancing because, in the movie, Swayze’s character, dance instructor Johnny Castle, admits where he got his start. You’re welcome. Check this out:

Baby: So where'd you learn to be a dancer?

Johnny: Well, this guy came into this luncheonette one day, and we were all sitting around doing nothing. And he said that Arthur Murray was giving a test for instructors. So, if you passed, they teach you different dances, show you how to break them down, teach them.

Baby is skeptical; like many, she doesn’t think she can learn to dance. But supporting characters, Penny and Billy, disagree saying “Johnny can teach anyone to dance.” So, thanks to Arthur Murray Johnny used his amazing dancing and teaching skills to make sure Baby had the time of her life that summer.

dirty dancing liftLike all Arthur Murray instructors, Johnny was patient and kind. His training gave him the skills to put his dancing feet to great use: sharing the gift of dance with students.

Competing dance centers don’t provide the unique training program Arthur Murray is proud to teach. Using the patented Arthur Murray Teaching Method, our instructors have helped million of people, just like you, learn to dance.

Give us an hour and we’ll show you how much fun you’ve been missing! Contact Arthur Murray Charleston today to reserve your free first lesson. Believe us, you’ll have the time of your life!

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