Stress Relief, Anyone??

holiday_stress e1418683100217The holidays are a joyous time of year when we get to visit with family and friends, give and get gifts and toast to our good health. The holidays are also a time when we get to be stressed out about seeing loved ones and purchasing the perfect presents!

Stop stressing out! We have just the thing that can cure all that ails you this holiday season! Dancing at Arthur Murray is the perfect gift for anyone; it’s a true gift of happiness and fun!.

It’s no secret that exercise offers myriad health benefits; your brain power gets boosted, your muscles become more flexible and your balance improves with each and every dance.

But, especially at this time of year, we are focused on reducing stress which is why dance lessons are the perfect gift. Physical activity boosts endorphins, the brain’s own “feel-good neurotransmitters.” When you are active, you simply feel better -- mind, body and soul.

Plus, dance lessons encourage everyone to meet new people, get off the couch and mingle and make the most of life. Learn more about Arthur Murray Charleston’s gift certificates today. (They always fit!)

Also, while you’re shopping, consider reserving your FREE first dance lesson. Reduce a bit of your own stress while you’re at it! Visit for more information about the dances we teach and the myriad benefits of social dancing.

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