Suffering from Empty-Nest Syndrome? Arthur Murray Has the Cure


It's a scenario many parents become familiar with quickly; kids go off to college and you suddenly find yourself with a very free schedule and feelings of sadness. In the fall, there’s plenty to keep busy with but come January, when the winter doldrums kick in, the empty nest feelings abound.

With so much downtime, it can be difficult to distract yourself. At Arthur Murray Charleston, we have a great idea for you: take up a new exciting hobby. And, we have just the thing: ballroom dancing! Dance lessons can help fill a void that appears when you have more time on your hands than before. You can come dancing with a partner and strengthen your bond or meet new friends.

Let's take a closer look at some of the reasons why ballroom dancing can be a fantastic solution for empty nesters.

Dance gives your schedule more structure

When your child was still living at home, you probably felt like there were never enough hours in the day. Now that they're away at school, you may feel like there are too many. Taking up any kind of hobby can help to fill up those hours, but dance classes in particular can give your schedule more structure. 

You can learn a completely new skill

It's important to keep learning as you get older, but many of us let this fall by the wayside when we have children. When you learn to dance, you're doing something for your own benefit that will help you feel productive.

You'll be able to bond with your partner

When your life largely revolves around your kids, it's easy to fall into certain routines with your partner. If there's a sudden change in family dynamic, it may take a while to adjust to life with just the two of you. And, if you’ve been going it alone, now is a great time to focus on meeting someone new.

Dance classes target both body and mind

Physical fitness is key, but most of us aren't getting enough of it. In fact, more than 80% of adults do not meet the recommended guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. Learning how to dance will allow you to move your body in new ways and develop muscular strength along the way.

Without a doubt, this life transition can be a difficult one. However, you'll likely find it goes much more smoothly when you can dive into an activity you enjoy. To find out more about how dancing can improve your life, contact Arthur Murray Charleston today. Your first dance lesson is FREE!

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