This gift is forever...

The ultimate idea for a Valentine’s Day to remember


am_valentine_s_dayChocolates. A nice card. All perfectly acceptable gifts for Valentine's Day. But don't you want to WOW your love this year?

Give them the gift of dance! There aren’t many opportunities to slow dance with your love these days. Maybe at someone’s wedding or at a fancy gala for work, or maybe even in the kitchen when the moment catches you. But you could be dancing every week, and getting back that amazing feeling of just being in the arms of the one you love.

If dancing has never been part of your relationship, we invite you to try it. Dancing is a great way to bring back romance and fun. You hear and experience the music while feeling the warmth and touch of your love. It really adds a new dimension.

This year, take your gift to a new level and show them you want to be close, you want to connect and you want to spend quality time together. Our daily lives are beyond busy and stressful and this is the time of year to stop and change that.

A card is opened a few times. Flowers die in a week. Chocolates sit in a box… but Dancing is forever. With a few lessons, you can spend the rest of your life swinging or waltzing with your one and only.

You’ve thought about it, you’ve talked about it, now it’s time to do it! Surprise your love with the gift of dance and start dancing tonight!

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