What to Expect From Your First Ballroom Dance Class

middleageddancingcouple_0Whether you're looking to rumba, tango, jive,or swing, ballroom dancing lessons are a great way to get moving for adults of any age or experience level. Some people feel nervous or intimidated before their first lesson, but there's no need! Here are some tips on what you can expect from your first class. There Are No Expectations. You might feel self-conscious on your first day in the studio, but remember that our dance instructors work with all levels of learners. Perhaps you took ballet as a kid but gave it up after school, or maybe you don't know the difference between a waltz and a tango. It doesn't make a difference. Your dance instructor will start with whatever you bring to the table and build from there.

Prepare to Break a Sweat.
People come into dance lessons from all kinds of backgrounds. Some are fitness junkies looking to try something new. Others are self-proclaimed couch potatoes who are ready for a change of pace. In fact, studies suggest that less than 5% of adults get in 30 minutes of physical activity every day, and only one-third get in the recommended amount of exercise per week. With just one dance class, you could be on your way to a healthier self.

Dress Comfortably.
Come dressed in clothing that allows you to move freely but is still appropriate for the class. Most men find a button-down shirt and slacks easiest to work in. Women can choose flowing skirts over tight, constricting clothing. And don't forget about footwear: shoes with appropriate support and the right heels that will help you move more confidently and gracefully.

You Get to Judge.
During your first class, you'll likely spend more time getting to know the facilities and the dance instructors than you will be moving around. Be ready to try out a few moves just to gauge your interests and experience, but remember: You're the one in charge. No one is here to judge you -- it's you who should be evaluating us to make sure we can provide the support you need.

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