Your Chance To WOW At Your Wedding:
The First Dance

wedding dance lessons charleston sc 2Planning a wedding in 2017 is a lot different than it was even 10 years ago. Social media has put weddings in the spotlight. Sites like Pinterest give us a gateway to everything weddings. Boards on centerpieces, gowns, flowers, music. You name it, it’s there. And sites like YouTube allow us to experience these beautiful weddings as if we were actually an invited guest. Some of our favorite videos to watch: THE FIRST DANCE!

OK, we’re a little biased since we are a dance studio, but c’mon! Everyone knows dancing is one of the highlights of any memorable wedding. This really is a moment for you and yours. It’s one of the first parts of the evening, after you enter your reception, and all eyes are on the two of you. There’s nothing like watching a newly married couple on the dance floor. We know you’ve been thinking about it and we have an idea. Instead of the traditional, why not kick it up a notch and create a customized wedding dance at Arthur Murray? We know what you’re thinking… “We can’t dance like that.” “We would be way too nervous.” “It would take too much time to practice.” “It’s too stressful.” “My groom would NEVER go for that.” “My bride would NEVER go for that.”

We’ve heard your concerns and we get it! We hear these sentiments a lot. So here’s the deal…

You CAN dance like that! You’ve seen shows like Dancing with the Stars, right? Those celebrities usually have little to no experience on the dance floor, yet they come out and nail routines! Just like them, you’ll train with a professional dancer. Our wedding consultants will teach you a dance that matches your wedding style and level of comfort. Whether it’s a waltz or a tango, you can do ballroom to a current pop hit or an 80s classic. Why not? You choose the music YOU love and leave the rest to us! You’ll be nervous anyway! No matter if you dance traditionally or in your own style, everyone will be watching. Lose the nerves by knowing you have a dance that fits your personality as a couple, showcases the perfect song and surprises your guests because they had no idea you were even planning this!

This is also a great way to do part of the wedding planning with just your fiance. No bridal party or parental advice. Just you, your fiance and your dance. Believe us, you’ll learn faster than you think. We recommend coming in about 4-6 months prior to the big day, so you can practice and learn at your own pace. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing the moves in your sleep. Plus, you’ll have each other to rely on if you need a little help. Dancing is a fantastic stress reliever. Taking a night or two a week to step on the dance floor to learn and laugh, what could be better amidst dealing with vendors and wedding budgeting.

We hear ALL the time how much fun it is to come here and couples can’t believe how much they truly enjoy the process. Come on in and try it! Your first lesson is FREE, so if it’s not for you, no harm done. But we have a pretty good feeling, you’ll both be back and you’ll both be excited about this adventure. You’ve heard enough from us. Here’s what some of our couples had to say:

 Our friends and family were beyond impressed! In just 5 dance lessons we were able to take simple steps to another level. Our lessons not only made our wedding a night we will never forget, but we now have tools to apply to social events and our friends weddings!

- Jamie and Lauren

 After our wedding, we’re planning to continue our dance lessons. We had a ton of fun and in the deepest moments of wedding stress, we used the dance floor to lighten the mood...We just cannot recommend Arthur Murray enough.

- Thad and Kelsey


If you’re ready to make your wedding dance one for the ages, click here to schedule your first FREE lesson. We can’t wait to help you start planning your special dance!.

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