Put Your Dancing Shoes on! Learn to Salsa Dance

Now that Cuba is open for tourist business, all things Cubano have become quite popular -- food, music and dance!. In fact, the Cuban-inspired Salsa is hotter than ever and for great reason. It’s one of the most social of all ballroom dances. Not only does the fast-paced Salsa dance help you burn calories and improve flexibility and coordination, it is a great way to manage emotional health issues such as depression and social anxiety.

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Salsa Dancing promotes a happier you!

The doldrums of everyday life can be disheartening. Day in and day out -- work, dinner, bed. Perhaps you have some hobbies you love to pursue but most of us get into a routine that’s hard to shake. Unfortunately, it’s easy to stay stuck in your ways. After work, the couch is calling. On the weekends, you may find yourself doing the same errands -- bank, post office, food shopping, etc. -- that leave you without the motivation to get up and go. If you are feeling down, it’s time to step out onto the dance floor!

Salsa dancing, as well as many other types of ballroom dance, can pull you out of the doldrums. Studies show that people who dance on a regular basis have a more positive attitude toward life. They are happier overall and are able to take on life with more zest. With your your improved attitude, you will find it’s easier to...

Make new friends!

Think back to the last time you tried out a new activity in an effort to meet new people? How did you do? If you are like many people, you may not have clicked with anyone because superficial chit-chat at those gatherings rarely promotes friendships.

Salsa dancing requires two people working together. You are face to face, holding hands. You are listening to the music and guiding each other; it’s is a fun, playful way to promote connections. Plus, a group dance class often becomes a party! You’ll be making new friends and eagerly look forward to the next time you get to Salsa. You simply cannot Salsa and be angry because it’s a lively, energetic activity that requires you to be involved mentally and physically. In no time at all, you’ll be creating a new social life for yourself and will have taken up a fun activity that will…..

Increase your self-confidence!

In fact, Salsa dancing is wonderful for enhancing your self-esteem because it’s an easy dance to learn. Even if you feel you have two left feet, with the right dance teacher, you will jump right in and pick it up easily. Instead of sitting home on a Saturday night, you’ll be looking forward to a night out with your new dance friends.

Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone special?

No one looks forward to a first date. However, you may be surprised to learn that many happy couples met right on the dance floor. Consider that everyone in your class has something in common already - dance! You are interacting and having fun with people and easy conversation is bound to follow.. Just think...doesn’t coffee or a cocktail after dance class sound like a great idea?

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