Did You Know the Hustle is More Than a Line Dance?

What do you think of when you hear someone mention the Hustle? 

Does an image of John Travolta moving effortlessly across a technicolor dance floor in Saturday Night Fever spring to mind? Maybe you associate the Hustle with bell-bottoms and shaggy hair. Perhaps you hear the lyrics, “Do the Hustle!” and immediately remember doing the line dance version of the Hustle at every wedding reception you ever attended.benefits dancing small

All of these have one thing in common – they are light-hearted, fun and happy. Same thing goes for the dance itself. In fact, that’s a huge reason for the Hustle’s popularity, both when it became a sensation in the late 1970s and today. Anyone who’s ever danced it or is a fan of the music knows there is a feel-good association with the Hustle that’s one of the reasons we love to teach it and you’ll love to learn it!

The Hustle is often used as an umbrella term for several styles of dance from this time period that were a bit showy.

Technically, it’s more than just the line dance many people remember from the late 70s when Saturday Night Fever came out. Often, it’s done in partners, but more than anything it is a social dance. Its steps are simple, making it easy to pick up and learn quickly. You really just move to the beat of the music, which, if you know disco, is impossible to miss!

The Hustle began a few years before the movie was released in New York City nightclubs. Ever heard of Studio 54 or Ipanema? They were just two of the many places disco enthusiasts flocked to during what can only be described (and it may be an understatement to do so) as a dance craze.

The Hustle evolved rapidly in such a short period of time and it even turned competitive. Many wanted to make it flashier with super complex moves. This cut the 6-count pattern in half to three counts, which is what it is today.

The steps are simple, but the movements are quick. Partners are often switching places and changing direction: exciting for the audience, complex for the dancer. Once you master a few moves, you will no doubt impress those around you!

The Hustle has continued to evolve in the decades since the 1970s, slowing down a bit and being set to music of nearly every style: contemporary, pop and even house. You probably wouldn’t think to partner the Hustle with songs by artists like Pitbull, Madonna and Kanye West, but in fact, they make for a great pairing of seasoned dance style with modern music.

Its infectious, tried and true and sure to make you want to move and glide across the dance floor, just like John Travolta once did. We’d love to teach you how to “Do the Hustle,” bell-bottoms optional. (Sorry for getting that song stuck in your head.)

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