Stop Stressing, Start Dancing!

Try as you might, stress is just a part of life. If you manage it well, it can actually help you be productive at work and school. In fact, a little bit of anxiety keeps you on your toes; you won’t get lazy or complacent when you are wide-eyed about everything you do!

That being said, stress is not helpful when it’s getting in the way of your confidence, your ability to perform well at work, or keeping you awake every night. If you are feeling sad or like your self-esteem needs a kick in the butt, stress may be what’s holding you back.

If you are like most people, you may be thinking there is no way to calm the stress. You may  feel out of control and unaware of how to help yourself get out of the rut.

We have a suggestion for what ails ya! It may sound crazy but there are many reasons to embrace ballroom dancing when you feel stressed out and worried. In fact, according to scientific studies, dancing can reduce stress in many ways.

Dancing is an endorphin booster! When you dance, you have fun. When you have fun, your body’s endorphins start revving up.

Out of sight, out of mind! Consider that when you get really wrapped up in something, the rest of the world tends to take a back seat. That’s what happens when you start to take dancing lessons. You are focused on the here and now. Put all those stressors aside for a few hours each week!

Interacting with others in social situation really is great for your mindset. Maybe you’ve been riding the couch every night because you have lost touch with friends who used to be your “circle.” At Arthur Murray, we can help you find a whole new social life you didn’t know existed!

Give it a try. After one free dance lesson, you will already begin to see how learning something new, like dancing, can really make a huge impact on the way you think and feel. And, you’ll have a place to go on a regular basis where you can embrace freedom from everyday stressors and just have fun!

Join us today! Contact Arthur Murray Charleston to schedule your first free dance lesson. Give us an hour and we’ll show you how easy it is to reduce stress and have fun!

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