Summer Lovin? Rev Up Your the Romance in Your Relationship with Dance Lesson

We have all heard the sage advice: plan a date night with your partner to keep your love alive. Unfortunately, however, life often gets in the way and it’s easy to fall back on the same old routine, week in and week out.

At Arthur Murray, we have just the thing to help you combat the summer doldrums and spice up your relationship. Social dancing lessons bring the promise of fun and excitement, as well as new friends and guaranteed time for just the two of you.

We understand if you feel reluctant to try something new. It’s easy to get stuck where you are. However, if you are feeling it’s time to add some magic -- or reignite the spark -- ballroom dancing is more than worth a try! Arthur Murray is offering a free first lesson - so there’s no obligation. Bring a great attitude and a smile; we’ll handle the rest!

Arthur Murray’s instructors teach a wide range of dances including swing, salsa and rumba. There’s something for everyone here! Besides, while you are learning together, you’ll be able to be in your own private world. Just think, time alone to focus on your relationship in a whole new way.

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Here are some reasons to rev up the romance with the gift of dance:

Date Night: We know it’s not easy. Schedules conflict and there is always something else to be done. We invite you to focus on what’s most important: the two of you, together, as a couple. Come take over the dance floor arm in arm!

The Couple that Learns Together… Everyday we have new chances to grow. Why not take this opportunity for learning something new and do it as a couple? Dancing may be new for both of you, but you’ll be in it together! Feel pride in your partner and they watch you grow, too. Guide each other on the dance floor as you do in everyday life.

Goodbye Gym, Hello FUN!  Dancing is a great way to get in shape and bolster your weight loss goals. Together, you can get fit dancing. In fact, it will be so much fun that you’ll forget you are even getting a workout!

Laugh a Little! OK, A LOT!  We all make mistakes, especially when learning something new. However, it’s important to laugh at ourselves. Who better to stumble with than the one you love? Soon, your laughter will be focused on the glorious time you are having.

Relieve Stress. According to published research, dancing actually makes us happier. Why not find the smiles you seek with your partner? Releasing your energy on the dance floor may be just what’s needed to help restore calm in your lives.

Contact Arthur Murray today to schedule your first free dance lesson. There’s a whole new world of fun and excitement just beyond our studio doors. Come find out why we say “Walk In, Dance Out!”

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