The Best First Wedding Dance is Just 4 Tips Away!

wedding danceOn your wedding day, it is easy to feel as if you are in a whirlwind. The day goes by so fast, and when you look back you will want at least some of the day's activities to stand out! One of these is the bride and groom dance. Here are some of our dance instructor-approved tips to make your first dance really stand out.

Be different when it comes to your song choice

You will want to pick the right song that defines your relationship as a couple. Don't feel as if you have to pick something slow and sappy; if you are into a more upbeat style like jive, cha cha or samba, feel free! Plus, going with something unique will make the moment that much more special for everyone involved.

Practice, Practice and Practice!

It is surely recommended that you take some dance lessons prior to your wedding day. You can learn the perfect dance to go with your song choice and take the time to practice as much as possible so you get to know the steps. With some instruction, you’ll feel confident and composed Most importantly, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the moment.

Dance in your heels

Your heels may be great for the ceremony, but incredibly unrealistic for the reception. Make sure you are comfortable enough shaking your groove thing on the dance floor when you are in heels because practicing in flats than transitioning to heels is quite the change! If you don't have your bridal shoes yet, just make sure to practice in the same heel length you have in mind for your reception.

Have fun!

Above anything else, this is your special dance and you want to have fun doing it! Don't stress too much and just breathe. Yes, this is a Big Day and your first dance is the stuff of memories. However, take the time to enjoy the moment and each other.

Every weekend there are about 44,230 weddings nationwide. Allow Arthur Murray to help make yours one of the most memorable! When it comes to first dances, we are the experts. Call our studio today to sign up for your first free dance lesson.

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